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Energy efficiency saves energy, money and resources

MHTS, LLC is your one stop shop for energy efficiency in the Brazos Valley, Texas. We do energy audits for residential, commercial, industrial, and non-profit properties, and identify where energy is being utilized inefficiently and assist with corrective solutions, Originally founded by Kelly Milligan in 2012 to promote local sustainability, MHTS, LLC provides energy audit and energy efficiency consulting to customers interested in reducing energy consumption and utility bills. By working directly with home owners and builders and commercial building operators, MHTS, LLC has offered insight for building thermal and energy performance, the reduction of the associated utility bills,  and the creation of more comfortable and healthy indoor environments.  

Energy audits

No matter what type of building or business that you have, to save energy you should ALWAYS do an Energy Audit first! The Energy Audit will clearly show where energy is used and possibly wasted and how to reduce the waste to save energy and money.

Energy efficiency consulting

Connecting the dots and making a plan for energy efficiency. By prioritizing the retrofit measures identified in an energy audit, we work with you, and your general contractor to achieve the desired level of energy efficiency for your project.

Products & Services

Milligan-Hill Technical Services provides an array of residential and commercial building energy management services.

HERS ratings

The HERS Rating is he standard by which homes can be rated to indicate their economy of ownership. The lower the score, the better the house will perform to save energy and money. A score of 50 means the home uses half of the energy of a similar home built to the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code.

Building envelope testing

Air leakage, from exterior envelope penetrations, is waste that costs money. A blower door test is used to determine the amount of air leakage from a building’s envelope by using a fan to de-pressurize the building and instrumentation to measure the volume of leakage.

Ductwork testing

HVAC ductwork, located in vented attics, is subjected to the heat and cold that accompany our seasons. Years and years of this Thermal Abuse causes stress to the ductwork and any compounds originally used to seal the ductwork. Any supply air leakage from here is lost forever and the building compensates for the loss by drawing in unfiltered air from outside.

Technical consulting

We specialize in building energy and thermal envelope technical consulting. We also are versed in building energy metering, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Residential building energy and construction consulting

We can assist you with existing home and new construction building energy management.

Commerical building energy consulting

Commerical building energy services can save energy and improve your business bottom line!

Background and experience

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